MovieBoard is a easy simple to use movie player.
MovieBoard allows you to watch movie files anywhere offline! Movie files are played in sequence in accordance with your personal movie list.

When you view videos on Youtube or iPad preinstalled media , at the end of each video the media player will automatically stop, without moving on to the next file-slightly aggravating right.

MovieBoard has been developed to be used in the following way
- show music movies and animations to children - educational purposes - Playing retail and corporate promotional videos - You can see any movies clearly anywhere even in poor reception areas (even in bed)

Learn more MovieBoard  2011/09/13 Updated!

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- Quick and easy iTunes file sharing system enabling you to copy movie files quickly
- Download movie files from the Internet
- Offline viewing
- Automatically play multiple files from your playlists
- simple and easy to use interface - AirPlay support

Does not support DRM protected media.
(Does not support previously purchased iTunes media files)
Movieboard does not support file streaming.
Movieboard plays downloaded media as well as videos via iTunes file sharing.
For the quickest most effective use, we recommend using iPad 2.
With AirPlay, depending on the speed of your network, some movies may skip. Mirroring only for iPad2.

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System requirements and supported languages
  • iPhone4
  • iPhone3G(3GS)
  • iPod touch
  • iPad,iPad2
  • OS4.2 or newer
  • English and Japanese languages

  • MovieBoard For iPad
  • MovieBoard For iPad
  • MovieBoard For iPad
  • MovieBoard For iPad
  • MovieBoard For iPad
  • MovieBoard For iPad
  • MovieBoard For iPad

System requirements and compatibility

System requirements

  • iPhone4
  • iPhone3G
  • iPhone3GS
  • iPod touch
  • iPad
  • iPad2
  • (OS4.2 or newer)

Menu Language

  • Japanese
  • English
Multi-language keyboard is supported according to iPhone settings

Usable languages

  • Any languages that iPhone,iPod touch,iPad,iPad2 is compatible with


There are two methods so that you watch a movie. (http)

  • download the movie file from Internet.
  • Documents Shared by iTunes (Mac / Windows)

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