DUMBO is an application for Mac OS X which is lets you hear the outside sounds when you listening to music.

Are you listening to music in your office or university?
If so, you can concentrate your task in good feeling, don’t you?

As you may know, there is a risk that you can’t realize said something from yourself around.
DUMBO is amazing application to solve those problems.

How to use is super simple.
After running this application, you click “Enabled” on Mac menu bar’s DUMBO icon.
DUMBO mixes your music with your outsides sound via microphone embedded in Mac.
Although DUMBO can’t catch a slight sound, easy to catch a regular life sound for examplechime and human voice.

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$ 1.99 USD
Purchasing method:Mac App Store

Mac App Store
System requirements and supported languages
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • English language


System requirements and compatibility

Main function

  • Choose microphone (Input) for collecting around sound
  • Choose redirection (output) which is collected around sound
    (This is possible for you to select not only microphone terminal embedded in Mac but alsoother terminal)
  • Change volume for collecting around sound
  • Change volume for iTunes when it’s running

Application consideration and discharge

  • Input device required (ex. Microphone)
  • Not guaranteed that DUMBO collects whole around sound
    • DUMBO’s purpose is to be realized you around sound
  • Not guaranteed any damage with using DUMBO
  • Not included a high function like a noise canceller
  • Forbidden to use DUMBO with running speaker
    (Having howling in some situation and there is a risk of damage in your body and speaker)

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