This application is not detect the real germs. Entertainment purpose only.
There are many parents who complain about their children not washing their hands and brushing their teeth.
“My kids always hates to washing hands or brushing teeth. I want my kids to do it independently”

Use this Application is able to teach your child how important to keep clean their hands and teeth.
Take a picture of your child where you want to clean; hands, month anywhere you want, you can see a lot of animated character germs on the screen. Looks like it’s real germs but it’s not real germs.

Your child might be surprised when they look at the many germs on the screen but you can teach them if you washing hands or brushing teeth well then you will get rid of the germs. This application is able to control germs count but also set up shiny image when they are clean up their hands well. So, your child come to an understanding that this is only way to get rid of the germs. “I can kill the bugs! I have to clean up my hands!” This application helps to educate and encourage them to wash their hands and brush their teeth.

This is very simple to use this application.

1. Select a place where you want to add germs on month or hands or anywhere you want..
2. Select your child’s favorite type of germs, size and number of germs.
3. Take a picture of your child where you want to clean.
4. Germs characters show up on the screen automatically as you selected.
5.Let your child washes their hands or brushes their teeth.
6. Repeat 1 to 4 steps.
-After having your child washes their hands or brushes their teeth well congraturate them and select shiny image in the setp 2(Shiny image is hidden at the bottom of the germs count section to hide from child). They will be able to see decreasing the germs and clean hands with shiny image on the screen.
-If not clean up well, go to step2 and select germs again. By contral number of germs or size, your child is conducive to washing hands well.

You are able to let them know to clean up well or not if you select shiny image or control number of the germs. Of course these animated characters are not real germs. Easy and cute germs helps to encourage them to keep clean.
Able to customize a variety of germs different ages or certain situations also cute germs characters are not scare children.

If a lot of people will download this application we may be able to increase many different kinds of germs in the future. Please recommend this application to your friend who all have the same thing.

Support Informations BUG CAMERA Hand-washing and teeth brushing support of the Kids  2017/07/13 Updated!



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System requirements

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